Recovery and exploitation of aqueous solutions of zinc and ammonium chloride (double salt) derived from pre-galvanization fluxing processes (CER 11.01.98*)

Through its own refining processes, Sanimet S.p.A. can also offer the hot galvanizing sector a SPENT FLUX BATH MANAGEMENT (CER 11.01.98*) service at the most competitive price on the market. Sanimet S.p.A. can also offer galvanizers a spent flux bath regeneration service. The quantities treated allow the galvanizer to bring out a new flux bath when removing the spent one, thereby eliminating the need to interrupt the process interruption, reducing times and costs. Sanimet S.p.A. supplies flux baths with limitless customization options for the customer, in terms of reagents, concentrations and molecular ratios of the components.

SPECIFICATION – Waste specifications for the LOWEST treatment quotation

(*): If the waste has non-optimal values, there will be a proportional increase in cost.
It is also possible to recover waste that is outside the limit values, to be quoted on request.