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Sanimet S.p.A. manufactures double salt flux solutions with personalized concentrations, crystallized double salt, iron chloride and zinc chloride. Our high-quality products are especially suitable for use in the chemical and hot galvanizing industries.

Double salt flux solutions

MIXTURE OF ZINC CHLORIDE AND AMMONIUM CHLORIDE IN AQUEOUS SOLUTION (DOUBLE SALT IN AQUEOUS SOLUTION (ZnCl2·2NH4Cl), with both standard and customer-specified double salt concentrations.

Crystallized double salt

Zinc and ammonium chloride (ZnCl2 · 2NH4Cl) crystals

Mixtures for fluxing methods implemented on customer request

Specific mixtures for refined and differentiated fluxing methods, with components, concentrations,
concentration ratios and packaging according to customer request

Zinc chloride solutions

Aqueous solution of zinc chloride (ZnCl2), with concentrations as specified by the customer (from 1% to 60%)

Triple salt cristallized and flux solutions

Zinc chloride and ammonium chloride cristallized and mixture of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride in aqueous solution (double salt in aqueous solution (zncl2·3nh4cl).

Ferrous chloride solutions

Aqueous solution of ferrous chloride (II), with ferrous chloride concentrations from 8% to 12%.
The recovery activity operated in Sanimet S.p.A. makes it possible to supply ferrous chloride solutions at a very competitive price


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